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Free Spirit Dog Park

The only place in the Lake Chapala Area for you to bring your dogs
for socialization, and exercise!

What is a Dog park?

Free Spirit PlayparkA dog park is a place where your dog can experience off-leash play in a safe and enclosed environment. Exercise yourself and your dog by using the many pieces of agility equipment throughout the park. It’s a stimulating environment for your dog’s mind, as well as his body.

Dogs need regular exercise  and positive daily interaction with people and other dogs to be well-adjusted. They need time to be themselves, running, playing, fetching, sniffing, etc. These dogs are generally happier and healthier if allowed to do so. They tend to have fewer behavior problems than dogs that are always on leash and never get to run freely.

Many dogs get into trouble at home because they are often left alone for long periods of time and are simply bored. A simple walk around the block, though nice to get out at all, isn’t really enough in the way of exercise. They should be allowed to run.

Free Spirit PlayparkFor some, there can be an adjustment time, kind of like taking a child to kindergarten.  It’s up to you to take your dog all over the park and show them things to sniff and check out. If you come in and just sit in a chair, the dog is likely to be right at your side. After they have come a few times, they will feel more secure and begin to venture out on their own, especially if they have made a friend or two.

Who is a candidate for a dog park?

Not all dogs are candidates for a dog park. If your  dog is extremely timid or shy or fearful or aggressive to other dogs or people, he would not be good in this environment. Having said this, some dogs respond well to training and can resolve this behavior.


Free Spirit PlayparkOur park is conveniently located in San Antonio, Tlay., with adequate street parking.


- A double-gated entry/exit for security.

- Tables and chairs and shady areas for sitting .

- Water stations for the dogs.

- A barrel with plastic bags is located near the seating area. Members are asked to bring their piles of bags, that usually accumulate at home, to the dog park, or bring your own poop bags. The waste is placed in a purple trash can located by the gate.

- Lots of grass that is well-maintained and watered during the dry season.

- A bathroom for your convenience.

- There are lots of agility equipment located throughout the park which helps improve your dog’s thinking, confidence and coordination.

- Training classes in obedience uses positive and fun methods, not the old and boring training of the past.

**To help ensure safety, we have a separate closed off area for small or timid and shy dogs. Small dogs can be 30 lbs.(14kg) or less. Just know their personality and place them accordingly.


Free Spirit Playpark San Antonio

Ramon Corona No. 166
San Antonio Tlay, Mexico

The last street behind WalMart!
Just east of La Floresta and Ajijic.

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